Anaerobic EGSB wastewater treatment

If you are looking for a compact and sustainable solution to remove organic pollution from your industrial wastewater and you have limited space available, then the expanded granular sludge bed digestion method is your answer. Thanks to its tower-like configuration, the ANUBIX – T can be utilized in applications with limited available space for the industrial wastewater treatment plant. This reactor can be successfully used to treat wastewaters whose composition will guarantee the creation of anaerobic granular sludge.

A Fast, High capacity EGSB Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Global Water & Energy’s Annubix T is a fast-flowing process that uses bacteria to degrade the sludge, producing a biogas by-product in turn. Raw industrial wastewater needs to be pre-treated in order to prepare for the process. It is a reliable system with ultra-high organic loading capacity and a minimal footprint.

During the process, the wastewater passes through two separate layers of anaerobic sludge. It then enters a special three-phase separator at the top of the reactor tank, separating the treated water from the produced biogas. Besides, the treated effluent leaves the system via a collector pipe. Finally, the biogas is ready for further conditioning or burning off in a biogas flare.

Optional customization and enhancements are available for pre-settling solids, degassing, and heating or cooling the liquid based on your requirements. This process can be used to treat industrial wastewater from breweries, soft drinks & other beverages production, paper mills, starch production, etc.



  • Absence of moving parts inside the reactor minimizes operational breakdowns
  • Low chemical and oxygen concentrations simplify the subsequent polishing stage
  • Tank interior is easily accessible for safety inspections and maintenance
  • Tall tank design reduces the amount of land occupied by the equipment
  • The process starts up fast and does not require a separate gas holder

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