All-in-one system for making emulsions

To make smooth batches of mayonnaise or ketchup you need to use process equipment for stirring, heating, and cooling the emulsions. This can be a time- and space-consuming process and each technology comes with a different set of challenges from efficiency to cleaning.

Mixes, cuts, emulsifies, heats, cools, and deaerates your mixture

The Stephan Vacutherm by ProXES is an adaptable and expandable all-in-one emulsion processing system. The system combines cutting, mixing, heating, cooling, and deaerating to ensure a compact and streamlined production of both hot and cold batches.  

With a double-jacket vessel and a rotor-stator homogenizer the Stephan Microcut, the equipment guarantees stable emulsions while emulsifying and homogenizing even chunky products. With the aid of the vacuum system and corresponding hoppers, extensive dosing options for solid, semi-solid, and liquid ingredients are possible. 

Fast and gentle heating is achieved by direct steam injection and can reach the maximum working temperature of 95C, or optionally 110C. It is also possible to use the double jacket for indirect heat cooking or cooling. The power of the equipment ranges from 1600 to 3600 l/h.  

What is more, the Vacutherm operates under an inclined working position of 70 degrees without any residue buildup, thanks to the scrapers that follow the contour.  


  • Batch sizes ranging from 400 to 1200 litres
  • Automated cleaning (CIP)
  • Intuitive and intelligent user interface
  • SPRO recipe management