Accurate multiple dosing system for powders

Dosing multiple powders in a batch process is time inefficient, especially when handling small quantities of materials. But dose precision is a more important consideration, leading manufacturers to give up on speed to preserve accuracy.

Precise powder dosing equipment with multiple filling capacity

sPTS from Dec Group provides for dosing of small, regulated amounts of powder at a predetermined frequency. Based on PTS technology, it allows small powder quantities for separate applications to be dosed simultaneously. The system has a dosing range of >100 g and runs at a speed of 5 to 20 seconds. The technology operates with an accuracy of up to 5% RSD.

In the powder dosing operation, a fixed volume calibrated chamber is firstly filled under vacuum and then emptied under pressure. The sPTS system contains a filtration membrane in the upper section. As per the requirement of the packaging machines, this compact system can be mounted in a battery to fill multiple points concurrently.


  • Economical design
  • Compact system with no moving parts
  • Precise powder dosing in (>100 g) range
  • Volumetric and volumetric-gravimetric dosing of powders
  • Multiple dosing system with independent feeding