3D powder mixer for active pharmaceutical ingredients

Proper mixing and homogenization are essential to achieve a reliable, efficient, and fine-quality product with precisely defined active ingredient properties. However, these processes can prove to be challenging in the pharmaceutical industry.

Achieves perfect homogenization of APIs with three-dimensional mixing

TURBULA®, a 3D shaker mixer from WAB-GROUP®, is designed for uniformly mixing powdery substances with diverse particle sizes and specific weights. It excels in handling both wet and dry components, like powder inhalers or API.  Based on the Schatz geometric theory, its distinctive three-dimensional motion incorporates rotation, translation, and inversion. It facilitates a dynamic and harmonious mixing of the API with the carrier material. This constant, rhythmic pulsing motion of the shaker container ensures exposure to a vibrant, homogeneous mixing. Available in a range of configurations to accommodate container volumes spanning from 0.1 to 55 liters, the 3D shaker mixer proves its versatility across various pharma industries, R&D labs, as well as pharma production plants.


  • High mixing efficiency leads to shorter mixing times
  • Contamination-free, enclosed mixing process
  • Easily accessible container holder for quick container changes
  • Easy to clean with hygienic dust-free mixing