Giving aerated jelly some bite

Jellies may seem like simple treats, but formulating their fluffy-yet-chewy mouthfeel is an intricate process. The foamy texture is created by finely dispersing air bubbles, but the signature bite depends on the crystallization effect of sugars.

Sugar molecules provide structure and friability, but they are especially tricky to handle. If the confectionery mass sets, sugars start melting and losing their crystalline properties.

Keeping compounds fresh is a primary headache if you’re making aerated mass for jellies, and production becomes a race against time to stop the effects of aging.


Anti-aging advice for aerated jelly production

The short shelf life of the mass not only causes sugar de-crystallization but leads to dosage errors. In the rush to keep the mix fresh, operators have less time to double-check recipe standards.

In fact, the process steps between mixing ingredients and depositing them are where most production imperfections occur. As the adage goes, haste is waste.

Aging, therefore, presents a double problem for aerated products. But Oliver Klein from Hansa Mixer has some pertinent advice: “Don’t change the production pace; change the production method.”

Keep calm and compound in real-time

The conventional way of compounding a formula is by mixing the ingredients in batch. The engineers at Hansa Mixer looked at the problem and developed an alternative: a real-time compounder.

“The solution is practically compounded mix on demand, producing a fresh blend at the moment it is needed,” explains Oliver. Suddenly his advice becomes more clear.

If the batch mixer creates multiple challenges, real-time compounding addresses a few. By eliminating overproduction, it minimizes idle time and keeps the mix from aging. Meanwhile, any discrepancies in the formulation can be corrected immediately without wastage.

Real-time mixing keeps powder in place, giving aerated jelly mass its distinctive texture. The best way to sustain the crystal bite is by keeping the compounds fresh.

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