Y sets tubing for bioprocesses

Manufactueres in the bioprocessing industries are increasingly turning to single use solutions for their production infrastructure needs. Experienced producers know that the flexibility, cleanliness, and convenience of high quality single use equipment increase process efficiency by reducing operator maintenance and cleaning activities, allowing them to focus on more value added tasks.

High quality pre-assembled tubing splitters for convenient addition to your fluid transfer or manifold system

JM BioConnect is known for certified top of industry quality and customer service including very short lead times.  The Company provides a line of pre-assembed high quality fluid transfer tubes for bioprocesses that is ready for integration into your system.  The Y-sets split one tubing line into to and are frequently used for connecting several single use bags together with supporting equipment making a manifold for an upstream or downstream bioprocess.  A wide variety of sizes and fitting styles is available.  Use of the pre-assembled Y-sets improves efficiency by avoiding the need to stock, track, and manually assemble a high number of smaller fittings and raw tube that make up the Y-set.  Maintenance time in your system will also be improved as damaged or worn sets can be replaced as a whole using the ready-made tube connections.


  • Several sizes available
  • High purity materials designed for biotech applications
  • Convenience and efficiency of pre-assembled components
  • Configurable to match your manifold system connections and required tube size