X-ray inspection system for processed meat products

When dealing with the poultry industry, the Dual X-ray inspection system for processed meat products represents a great acquisition. What makes it ideal is its unique technology for analyzing two different X-ray energy signals at the same time.

More precise inspection of overlapped items

The DualX X-ray inspection technology from Anritsu allows distinguishing between product and contaminant. It has a higher detection rate of detecting low-density bones and is well-suited to sense rubber and stones. Without false rejection, the overlapped products can be inspected.

From customers to the poultry market equipment distributors, DualX has three main goals which are: virtually eliminate false rejects, detect up to 0.2 mm and ease the use for overall system operation. Maximum X-ray output is 350 Watts.


  • Both for dry and wet products
  • High-resolution imaging capabilities
  • System maintenance and operation is trouble-free
  • Lower operational power minimizes the overall cost