Water distillation system

Water used in pharmaceutical processes must meet high standards of regulatory bodies. These include fast, accurate distillation to remove impurities while meeting volume requirements. These factors become critical when the water plays a role in injections because of expensive consequences of errors.

Multiple-Effect Water Processing System

The BRAM-COR SMPT multiple effect distiller produces compendial pharmaceutical water. This is primarily for treatments injected directly into patients’ circulatory systems. This equipment satisfies the regulatory requirements of international good manufacturing practices, and relevant official publications.

The multiple-effect distiller follows a staged process using several boiling columns in series. The first produces pure steam which is condensed and redistilled several times in successive columns. This process decreases the overall operational costs compared to the single tube method.

Double-tube sheet exchangers take care of successive heating and cooling. Thin-falling film technology achieves the sequential condensation. The water becomes increasingly pure as it passes through these stages until it reaches a level sufficiently pure for injections.

The BRAM-COR SMPT is modular according to the litres per hour flow rate for the application. The overall range is 50 to 15,000 using three to ten columns.


  • Aligned with international standards
  • Multi-tube design reduces operational costs
  • Modular approach for cost-effectiveness
  • Product contact surfaces meet AISI 316 L
  • Multiple effect distiller self-sanitizes