Wash-in-Place metal detector for tablets

Where hygiene and decontamination are vital, traditional pharmaceutical metal detection systems require significant downtime in order to ensure thorough cleaning. By utilising a purpose-built wash-in-place metal detection system you can increase production efficiency by reducing the time taken to clean and decontaminate between product changes.

High-sensitivity metal detection with WIP for pharmaceutical use

The THS/PH21 WIP series from Ceia is a highly sensitive metal detection system for use in critical pharmaceutical applications. It is fitted with nozzles for direct washing water injection and decontamination, allowing complete cleaning of all product conduits between batches.

Fully shielded from RF interference and suitable for all production locations, the THS/PH21 WIP is capable of detecting and rejecting ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants, with full rejection confirmation.

The onboard firmware is fully FDA compliant, with user password protection and operations recording, ensuring data security and full traceability.

User-friendly operation is assured thanks to an extended keyboard, easy-to-read high contrast display, and dedicated user-programmable quick access controls for key functions.

The unit can be connected to an ethernet network, allowing for remote management of production, collection of all operational data, and generation of statistical and traceability reports for full FDA compliance.


  • Wash-in-place system for rapid and easy decontamination between batches
  • Highly sensitive metal detection with automatic rejection verification
  • Fully FDA compliant logging systems for complete data security and traceability
  • High throughput speeds
  • Shielded to allow operation in the most challenging production environments