Vibrating screen for cosmetic powders

Dense or viscous compounds can be difficult to prepare for use in cosmetic products. Traditional screening equipment is poorly adapted to handle these materials in a timely manner while providing effective screening. A purpose-designed vibrating screen for difficult compounds allows for much faster processing, increasing your output without impacting on quality.

High quality vibrating screens designed for dense, viscous and difficult products

The VV series of vibrating screens from Lorenzato has been specifically designed to handle the most difficult of input materials that traditional screeners struggle to process quickly.

Available in a choice of 2 sizes to suit your production requirements, the VV vibrating screen units are robustly constructed entirely from 304L stainless for longevity and ease of cleaning.

Designed for continuous operation if required, the VV screens can be equipped with 2-pole or 4-pole motors that operate at 3,000 rpm producing a completely 3-dimensional vibration pattern. This keeps the filtration mesh clear of blockages and allows the processing of particularly thick, dense, or viscous materials.

The vibrating screen unit has been designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Built on sturdy castors, it is easily portable, and it’s simple to operate with a robust and protected on/off control.

Compared to a traditional screen, the VV series is extremely easy to clean, reducing downtime.


  • Designed to handle the most difficult powders and liquids
  • Full 3-D motion for the most effective screening with no blockages
  • Easy to operate and portable, designed for continuous operation
  • Easier to clean than traditional screens, reducing downtime
  • Full stainless steel construction for strength and longevity