Vertical agitated wet media mill

Agitated media mills are media mills that employ an agitated (or stirred) grinding media action for grinding of the ultrafine particles. In this case, a ceramic grinding media grinds mineral, metal, or chemical powder. The most typical application is the manufacture of GCC slurries used for the production of paper, but also ultrafine limestone slurries, such as calcium carbonate, limestone, and marble.

Cost-efficient grinding of highly concentrated limestone slurries

The agitated media mill ANR from Hosokawa Alpine is designed for the cost-efficient ultrafine grinding of highly concentrated limestone slurries. The operating mode and the design permit the production of extremely high qualities with regard to fineness, degree of whiteness, and abrasiveness.

The mill design ensures low-maintenance continuous system operation with no expensive downtime periods. The flow pattern goes from bottom to top, whereby the feed material is ground to the required end fineness with the aid of ceramic grinding beads (zirconium silicate or zirconium oxide).

Efficient cooling of the mill stator removes the heat generated during grinding.

The agitator elements and the grinding chamber wall are made of wear-resistant hardened materials.



  • Open-design vertical agitated media mill for single-pass mode
  • Suitable for superfine calcium carbonate and other mineral powder slurries
  • Suitable for continuous operation
  • Low-maintenance machine
  • Ceramic wear protection ensures a high degree of whiteness
  • Cost-effective due to low grinding energy requirement