Vacuum sack lifter

In the production of pharmaceuticals and other high-hygiene environments, manual handling of inputs or intermediate compounds can be difficult to achieve using traditional methods while maintaining cleanliness levels. A vacuum lifter can not only meet the full HSE requirements for manual lifting but also can be produced to meet FDA and cGMP standards suitable for use in clean room environments and other critical production areas.

100kg vacuum lifter for sacks, boxes and drums

The PalPharmaVac from Palamatic is a high capacity manual handling device designed specifically for use in hygienic, clean and sterile applications. The PalPharmaVac is configured to allow sacks, drums, totes and boxes to be lifted to an ergonomic height to ensure operators are exposed to minimal risk from potentially hazardous products.

Able to be suspended from a wide range of transport solutions, including articulated arms, linear beams, and cranes, the PalPharmaVac uses a specially-designed filtration system that ensures no downstream component contamination. It can operate with electrical or pneumatic vacuum sources, and is approved for flameproof environments.

The suction feet use FDA-approved materials, and it is able to securely grip up to 100kg. Additional options include manual or pneumatic drum rotation, bespoke configurations to suit low headroom applications and use in downflow or containment booths.

Its lightweight and hand-demountable design reduces maintenance requirements and makes it very easy to clean, with no tools required.


  • High capacity vacuum lift designed for cGMP and hygienic environments
  • Simple and quick to clean, with no tools required
  • Wide range of transport options including cranes, rails, and arms
  • FDA approved material used on suction cups
  • Can be installed in low-headroom situations such as containment booths