Ultra fine bead mill for nanosuspensions

Ensuring the quality, efficiency, and reproducibility of nanosuspensions throughout the wet grinding process is a continuous challenge, demanding strict control over various parameters like the use of high-grade materials, uniform energy input, and ideal cooling properties.

Grinds viscous products continuously in the micron and nanometer range

The DYNO®-MILL NPM from WAB-GROUP® is specially designed for continuous dispersion and wet grinding of nanosuspensions. The patented DYNO® ACCELERATORs provide powerful hydraulic movement of the grinding beads and guarantee consistent energy input for grinding thin to viscous products, in the micron and nanometer ranges. The rotating grinding media separation system facilitates the use of very small grinding media ranging from 0.05 to 0.2 mm.

The peripheral speed of the separation system ensures the safe separation of grinding media from the product. The use of high-quality ceramics like SiC, and ZrO2 provides metal-free grinding and guarantees a long service life. It is ideal for both passage and circuit operation, maintaining consistent efficiency, while achieving extremely narrow particle size distributions. It is best suited for producing construction materials like paints, toners, and cement.



  • Simple handling with low operating and maintenance costs
  • Low energy consumption due to efficient energy input
  • Suitable for temperature-sensitive products
  • Simple cleaning with little detergent

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