Tray sealer for food production

Companies in food industry know how essential packaging is in keeping food fresh and ensuring it is easily transportable. In order to ensure extended shelf life and greater seal integrity, packages should be tamper-evident, attractive, and leak-proof. However, only a few machines ensure easy maintenance, maximum worker safety, and flexibility.

Extend the shelf life of fresh products

The Colimatic TDF can be integrated into inline process automation solutions, making it perfect for high production needs. This tray sealer is the perfect packaging solution for many different applications, including meat, ready-made meals, fresh produce,frozen meals, etcThe range of packaging options include on-reel for reclosing lid or heat-sealable film applicator, it ensures exceptional product presentation and eliminates leakage.

This tray sealer is equipped with a programmable, digital touch screen, giving operators total control over the machine’s operation. Along with accepting different packaging sizes, it can also accept a wide range of film and trays, including cardboard, aluminum foil, and plastic.

With a closed profile and a stainless steel frame, TDF ensures top performance for years to come. Its numerous sensors and safety features further identify hazards and stop the machine until the problem is fixed.


  • Configurations can be changed between products with the touch of a button
  • Brushless servo drives make TDF extremely energy efficient
  • Rapid tool changeover design enables a quick change between product lines and tray sizes
  • Monitored pressure, temperature, and sealing time ensure hermetically-sealed packages