Tray erector

Corrugated trays come in many forms and sizes.  Automate the process of erecting the trays to ensure consistent quality and optimize your process.

Versatile erectors for consistent quality corrugated trays

Lantech tray erectors are easy to tune and convert to another formats. They are equipped with a touch screen panel displaying all possible messages and necessary settings. They have a very solid construction for a long life duration and the forming mould is equipped with pressure cylinders, to prevent ‘smearing’ of the glue.

The tray erectors grab hold of a blank with a vacuum and put in position from a horizontal magazine. A mechanic pusher brings the blank to the forming mould. During the transfer, a very accurate timing of the glue injection is achieved on the long flaps. After reaching the forming station, the blank will be stamped through the adjustable forming unit; the sides of the tray will be simultaneous pressed on 4 sides.

The tray erector can be configured for areas with high humidity and other explosive/hazardous environments.


  • The folding unit is adjustable in length and width and can be adjusted to the correct tray size
  • By application of simplicity in constructions and reliable components, maintenance will be minimized
  • The machine is suitable for operation in a dry environment at a temperature between +3°C and +40°C
  • It has the warning by flash light on the operator panel
  • The machine has wide range of tray sizes