Tablet coater for laboratory scale

Tablet coating can be applied for adding colours or glosses, or based around sugar in order to increase palatability. Some coatings also increase stability where some have an active or functional pharmaceutical property and can directly affect the means that the primary dose is released. When used for development or small batch production, a full-size coater is too large to be feasible. You need a flexible solution to coat tablets in an even and controlled way.

Flexible tablet coater for research and development

The Laboratory Tablet Coater from Romaco Tecpharm is designed to produce the film coating of tablets or pellets, suitable in aqueous and organic coatings. It is important to optimise processes before industrialization. Therefore, to minimise time and cost risks, the tablet coater for laboratory scale is used for testing purposes prior to industrialization.

The equipment controls each critical variable, such as applied liquid flow, air flow, air temperature, tablet temperature during the process, and the turning speed of the pan drum,  which  ensures a state of balance between continuing processes. Being a R&D equipment, controlling different variables allows you to decide changing which variable could best optimize your production process.

The standard equipment is suitable to work with interchangeable drums from 0.5 to 2 kg. With a perforated coating pan, the equipment allows different capacity to be processed without need to change the drum.


  • Small form ideal for lab environment
  • Perforated coating pan to ensure perfect coating result
  • Easily control critical variables for product development