Syringe tub sterilizer

A common challenge is how to transfer nested syringe tubs to the aseptic filling area without compromising the sterility of the tubs. There can be many steps involved that require careful handling by operators, each of which is a potential source of contamination. By moving to an automated robotic sterilizer, contamination risks are removed, personnel input is reduced, and throughput is enhanced.

Robotic syringe tub sterilization suitable for ISO8 environments

The Steriline RTDS2 Robotic Tub Decontamination System has been designed to decontaminate syringe tubs before they enter a de-lid de-liner station. Engineered to be small and lightweight, it’s also fully Vaporised Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) sterilisable and suitable to be installed in ISO8 environments.

By using an anthropomorphic VHP compatible robot from world-leader STÄUBLI, the RTDS2 is able to decontaminate 2 tubs per minute to a 6 log reduction in contaminants. The RTDS2 is also suitable for use with trays. The completely airtight construction maintains aseptic conditions throughout, and the design means there is no format change required.


  • Reduce manual processes in sterilizing syringe tubs
  • Flexibility to handle tubs and trays
  • Highly effective sterilization down to 6 log
  • Small footprint and lightweight construction make is suitable for all environments
  • 2 trays per minute throughput