Autoclave Steam Sterilizer Machine for Ready Meals

When selecting a sterilizer for your ready meals, finding the right size that would fit the number of your containers per batch can be challenging. Aside from the size, having a sterilizer that can handle any type of container – cans, plastic containers, trays, jars – can help make your life easier and speed up the sterilization process.

Sterilize cans and other containers in batches of 200 to 300 pieces

The Stery2000 from Frigojollinox is a computerized horizontal autoclave. It has a capacity of 370 liters which fits around 300 pieces of 200ml cans or containers per batch.

Sterilization Temperature

It is a compact unit with an integrated electric boiler for its high temperature heating system that can go up to 135 degrees Celsius. The nebulizing system used for cooling down reduces water consumption and time cycle. This unit also comes with a stainless-steel basket and trolley with removable and adjustable shelves for easy loading and unloading of the products.

Pressure and Temperature controls allow you to steam products at ambient pressure. As well as under a pressure of 135°C or less.

Sterilization Cycle

It has low electricity consumption of 10kW/hr and a backup battery to prevent power supply interruptions during operation. Valve operations for steam, air, and water are fully automatic. The whole system can be programmed from its touch screen control panel or through its smart control feature, allowing remote control through smartphones, tablets, or PC. This allows you to set sterilization times


  • Uniform distribution of heat
  • Easy loading with basket and trolley
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Backup battery provided
  • Tank capacity 370 lt