Steam and air mixture sterilization autoclave

Specially designed for sterilizing large batches of parenteral solutions.

The best performance for the terminal sterilization of parenteral solutions

Steridelta A autoclaves from Telstar Life-Sciences are steam and air mixture sterilization autoclaves specially designed for sterilizing large batches of parenteral solutions.

A mixture of pure vapour and air is used for sterilization. When the chamber has been loaded, steam is introduced and mixed with the air; therefore no vacuum pump is required. One or more fans, located at the top of the chamber circulate the air and steam mixture. The purpose of these elements is to achieve good temperature uniformity inside the chamber as soon as possible.

The units have high technical performance, GMP design and comply with the applicable European standards: PED, CE marking, etc. They have a compact, modular structure allowing for quick installation and commissioning.


  • High production capacity
  • Ergonomic and flexibility
  • Fully sanitary design
  • A mixture of pure vapor and air is used for sterilization
  • Easy to operate