Spiral freezer

Frozen food manufacturers with products such as chicken parts, fish, and convenience foods require freezing processes with good hygienic standards. Products must also be frozen in the shortest time possible with minimum weight loss for a better yield.

Freezing food products in a hygienic space

The Spiral Freezer from Orange Freezing is an industrial-scale freezer with good hygienic standards. The system is composed of a hygienic box with stainless steel walls and ceiling, a spiral belt for loading products to be frozen, and an evaporator to remove humidity from the products. Additionally, the bearings and drives for the system are positioned outside the box for increased hygiene level and easy maintenance. It is equipped with insulated floors and the box is mounted with adjustable feet for quick installation.

The system features Orange Freezing’s Opti Flow horizontal airflow design that keeps the temperature and air speed the same all throughout, which helps minimize loss of moisture. Retention time for freezing is also minimized as a result.


  • Food-grade hygienic system with HACCP design
  • Easy maintenance and intuitive operation panel
  • High performance fans enhancing aerodynamic system
  • Optimized space thanks to modular building
  • Minimal retention time