Spiral cooler/chiller

Food manufacturers that produce ready meals such as pizza, burger patties, and bread require chillers as part of their cooling process before packaging. Chillers for large-scale applications help in making the most out of the space to accommodate these food products.

Cooling ready meals in an enclosed spiral setup

The Spiral Cooler/Chiller from Orange Freezing is an industrial-scale chiller for food products. The system has a spiral setup where the products to be chilled are loaded to save space. An evaporator is placed beside the spiral to remove humidity from the product. They are enclosed in a hygienic box consisting of stainless-steel walls and ceiling with insulated floors. For an increased level of hygiene, the bearings and drives are located outside the enclosure. This also simplifies maintenance. The box has adjustable feet which makes installation and relocation of the system quicker.

The system features the Opti Flow horizontal airflow design, that the company created to maintain the temperature and air speed all throughout. This helps minimize loss of moisture and retention time for cooling of products. The capacity rate of the system can go as high as 4 tons per hour. Products with temperatures from 80°C to 90°C can be cooled down and ready for sealing and packaging.


  • High capacity (up to 4 tons per hour)
  • Hygienic construction with HACCP design
  • Simple maintenance
  • Space-saving design, with chilling/cooling zones
  • High performance fans enhancing aerodynamic system