Single twist cut & wrap lollipop machine

Soft caramel lollipops require more gentle handling during production than other lollipop products. This means that traditional forming and wrapping solutions are often slow and inefficient. A modern, purpose-designed soft candy forming and wrapping machine that offers gentle handling yet increased line speeds will see a rapid return on investment.

Forming, cutting and wrapping machine for soft caramel lollipops with stick insertion

The EW7 from Theegarten Pactec is a high quality former and wrapper for square or rectangular lollipops made of soft caramels. Depending on the required product, the EW7 can be paired with either a batch roller and rope sizing machine suitable for soft caramels and toffees, or with an extruder and cooling tunnel for chewing gum or other chewy candy lollipops.

Despite being designed to gently handle soft caramel lollipops, the EW7’s advanced design allows it to produce up to 350 lollipops per minute. Product sizes can be length: 30–50mm; width: 14–25mm; height: 8–14 mm. Stick lengths can be between 75 and 90mm, with a diameter of 3 or 4mm.

Wastage is reduced to a minimum thanks to “no product, no wrap” and “no product, no stick” sensors. To further reduce wastage, the EW7 will automatically stop production when there are problems with wrapping material supply, stick supply, or issues with the rope mass.

To guarantee the highest cut-off precision of the wrapping material the feed system is driven by an independent servo motor.


  • High-speed and precise forming for soft caramel lollipops, up to 350 per minute
  • Reduced wastage thanks to automatic sensors for product, wrap or stick issues
  • Can be used downstream of extruder or rope sizing machine
  • Fully automatic - one operator can supervise several machines
  • Fully accessible design, reducing downtime associated with cleaning and maintenance