Shrink tunnel for applying sleeves to different containers

Maximum flexibility is required when setting pressure and direction of steam outlet pipes to achieve optimal sleeving application each time.

Maintain precise flow control of steam sleeving process

The SteamPro Tunnel is Karlville’s conventional tunnel solution, which allows customers to apply shrink sleeves to multiple types of containers, thanks to its fully adjustable pipe system within the 2 or 3 meter tunnel.
Within individually controllable zones, each separate pipe can be adjusted to match the contours of the bottle and the nozzles can be aimed at a particular angle towards the bottle. Flow control is achieved by dual spherical valves or steam skid with temperature and pressure control.
Bottles of up to 160 mm in diameter, or widths of 350 mm, can be processed, with an effective shrink height of 300 mm.


  • Very large range of configuration options
  • Low cost, efficient operation
  • Small footprint
  • Easy access to tunnel
  • Safety steam cut-off and removal