Serialization and aggregation system

Manufacturers from the pharmaceutical industry require a variety of cartons, cases and pallets for packaging different products. In serialization, it is important to maintain parent-child relationships between different packaging levels of a product to achieve a complete track and trace solution. Implementing aggregation solutions with manual packaging lines can be challenging and time-consuming due to limitations of manual labor. A semi-automatic workstation integrates all activities of printing, control and serialization of cartons and aggregation of cases and pallets.

Serialization of cartons and multi-level aggregation of cases and pallets

Trackpca from SEA VISION is a semi-automatic workstation designed for serialization of cartons and aggregation of cases and pallets. The aggregation station can be located in-line or right-angled adjacent to the serialization module. The work-station is suitable to all production environments and can be easily transported on the production line wherever necessary. It can print and inspect variable data and codes (serialized and non-serialized) on cartons of different formats. It also prints and controls labels for cases and pallets. Cameras and illuminators facilitate inspection of codes and variable data. Whenever the system senses a defect, it generates a reject signal and ensures only correct products go forward, according to the ANSI grading control. The control results and execution instructions are displayed in real-time on the HMI panel. Simple adjustments of camera position and lateral guides facilitates adapting to cartons and cases of different sizes.


  • Suitable to all production environments
  • Ergonomic, compact and portable workstation
  • Adaptable to different cartons and cases with quick format change
  • Integrated vision inspection system
  • Observes compliance with FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11