Semi-automatic filling machine for nail polish

Do you need to automate a smaller cosmetic line without the large costs associated with a fully automatic solution?  High speeds and excellent return on investment can be achieved at much reduced costs from a semi-automatic option that still maintains the highest quality standards.

High-speed filling and closing of nail polish bottles

IDM Auomation’s MS-1-120-L2 has been designed to efficiently fill and close nail polish bottles as part of a semi-automatic line.

A 12 position rotary tables allows for 50 cycles per minute operation for maximum efficiency.

Designed and built to safety normative ATEX II 3G IIA T3, zone 2.

Fully automated dosing and closure with a manual brush and cap loading for flexibility.


  • Small footprint, ideal for smaller-scale production
  • 50 cycles per minute to enhance your line efficiency
  • Simple controls and excellent access for maintenance - minimize downtime

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