Semi-automatic capsule filler

Hard gelatin capsules are a popular format for delivering a wide variety of pharmaceutical doses. For small batch production, a semi-automatic capsule filling solution delivers tangible benefits in terms of increased efficiency, accuracy, and throughput, particularly when combined with a complimentary capsule loading system.

Capsule filler for hard gel capsules

The MS 6 AUT Capsule Filler from Multigel is a semi-automatic solution designed to be used alongside the MS 1 capsule loader.

MS 6 AUT is capable of filling and closing up to 300 capsules per batch and is flexible enough to fill a range of sizes from 000 up to 5.

To facilitate accurate dosing, the MS 6 AUT is fitted with a vibrating plate with intensity adjustment that ensures optimum filling of fine as well as coarser powder compounds.

The powder packing unit further assists in ensuring a smooth and even descent of powder into all the capsules, reducing the time taken to achieve a correct fill.

All parts of the machine that come into contact with powders are quickly and easily removed allowing for speedy and thorough cleaning when required to minimise downtime.



  • Perfect combination with MS 1 capsule loader to form an automatic capsule line
  • Low weight and small footprint allow for simple installation almost anywhere
  • 300 capsules batched allow up to 16,000 to be filled per hour, maximizing throughput
  • Can fill a range of hard gel capsules
  • Controllable vibrating plate for quicker, more accurate powder fills