Semi-automated normal flow filtration system

Normal Flow Filtration is frequently used the biopharmaceutical processing industry to prepare liquids and solutions for further processing.  A wide variety of commercially available filters are used and efficient and consistent processing often requires careful control of the filtration process parameters.  Experienced biopharmaceutical producers know that investment in automation and maintenance reduction of this equipment is always a good decision.

Semi-Automated Normal Flow Filtration with all single use wetted components

Scilog is focused on improving the quality and efficiency of customers’ processes in the biopharmaceutical industry through enhancements and automation of sensing, filtration and other processing needs.  The company’s SciPure 140 system is a semi automated, single use NFF system with electronic HMI, PID pump control, and specialized software.  All wetted components of the system including sensors are single-use consumable items.  The system’s pre-installed software allows user selectable limits and alarms for safe, consistent process performance without constant operator attendance.  The system responds to sensor feedback to maintain user-defined constant rate or constant pressure filtration process parameters.


  • Easy to use HMI with automated data collection
  • Semi-automated clarification of bio-pharmaceutical solutions
  • Semi-automated buffer preparation
  • Includes pressure sensor with optional addition of temperature, conductivity, and turbidity sensing
  • Convenience of single use flow-path components