Self-cleaning bead mill for highly viscous materials

To prevent blockages, clogging, and cross-contamination coming from highly viscous materials your grinding equipment needs to be cleaned frequently.

Grinds low fluidity products with high throughputs in the nanometer range

DYNO®-MILL ECM-AP from WAB-GROUP® is a high-efficiency agitator bead mill that features a patented grinding bead separation system. It is designed to grind the most challenging products with higher throughputs and production capacities. The self-cleaning effect of the separation system improves the driveability of highly viscous products, preventing screen clogging and reducing production downtimes for screen cleaning. It is designed to use the finest grinding beads down to 0.1mm. The uniform distribution of grinding media in the grinding chamber produces the finest and narrowest particle sizes in the nanometer range, ensuring a high grinding efficiency. It is applicable for both, pass and circulation modes. It is great for making coated and uncoated tablets.


  • Fast product changes
  • Suitable for temperature-sensitive products
  • Low energy consumption due to hydraulic grinding media acceleration
  • Increased screen lifetime

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