Seed Belt Grader

Large volume seed producers require high-capacity grading equipment to separate the good seeds from the bad ones at a desired rate of production. The grading equipment must also be suitable for different kinds of seeds to have a wider product application.

Grading seeds through a moving inclined belt

The CRM-4400 Seed Belt Grader from Seed Processing Holland is a system that separates the good seeds from damaged or irregularly shaped seeds and other impurities. It is applicable for different kinds of seeds such as sugar beet, cabbage, radish, spinach, and others. The system is equipped with an inlet hopper, a vibrating feeder, and three moving belts. As the seeds are fed to the inlet hopper, they go to the vibrating feeder where they are fed to the belts mounted horizontally with an inclination. The good seeds roll down the inclination and into a container; the irregularly shaped ones are conveyed by the belt to a separate container.

The system features an adjustable speed for the feeder and belt. The inclination of the belt can also be adjusted between 10 to 23 degrees to find the right angle for separation. Belts are available in white smooth type for seeds like cabbage and radish, or in black rubber type for seeds like lambs’ lettuce and beet for better visibility of the seeds’ quality. There is an optional transportable bag support for seed collection.


  • High output capacity depending on the kind of seed (ex. beet: 210kg/h,spinach: 150kg/h)
  • Adjustable speed of feeder and belt
  • Adjustable inclination of the belt for better separation (10 to 23 degrees)
  • Easy belt changeover for different seed applications

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