Rotary Seed Dryer Coater

Large-volume vegetable and field crop seeds manufacturers may prefer a fully automated coating and drying process, which provides better integration of these production steps and easy operation of the system. An advanced system that combines the coating and drying processes of seeds allows the products to be ready for packaging as soon as they come out of the unit.

Coating and drying of seeds in a fully automated unit

The FDM-4200 Rotary Dryer Coater from Seed Processing Holland is a fully automatic system that encompasses both the coating and drying process of vegetable and field crop seeds. The process starts with seeds fed from the hopper while the operator sets the recipe from a touchscreen panel. Then, the seeds are fed to the coating chamber with a spinning disc fitted at the center. This spinning disc rotates at a variable speed while dosing the coating liquid to the seeds, according to the preset mixture. Then the seeds are simultaneously dried inside using dehumidified and heated air. The temperature of the airflow can also be set and regulated during the entire process. The output seeds are then allowed to cool on a cooling screen and get ready for packing.

The system also allows simultaneous or sequential pumping of coating liquids for multiple layer applications. The whole process is done in a closed environment, independent from ambient conditions, making it suitable for fungicide and pesticide applications.


  • Uniform liquid distribution between seeds
  • Accurate dosing of the coating mixture
  • Coating and drying process in a single unit
  • Easy operation (fully automatic)