Rinsing and drying system for containers

The filling of containers used in a range of consumer-packaged goods often leads to some overspill, residue, or other debris that must be removed before the item can move on to downstream processes like labeling, printing, or secondary packaging. An all-in-one rinsing and drying solution can increase your line speed and deliver superior results, meaning less wastage and higher efficiency.

Combined container cleaning and drying for consumer packaged goods

The RinseDry from Jetair Technologies is an integrated rinsing and drying solution designed to deliver excellent results more quickly and with greater efficiency.

RinseDry systems are customer-designed to meet your exact requirements. The configuration and type of water nozzles and the placement and type of air knives are bespoke to your line to ensures perfect results.

RinseDry operation is also customized to your line speed and container geometry but using high-efficiency energy saving components. For example, direct drive centrifugal blowers deliver clean, filtered, oil-free air for drying using 70% less energy than traditional compressed air alternatives. Water pressure and flows in the rinsing station are set to use the minimum amount of water required to achieve perfect results.

Both the rinsing and air knife drying processes are contained within washdown-ready, stainless steel enclosures. These not only reduce noise levels to a minimum, but they also capture all rinse and blow-off moisture and plumb it safely away. This keeps floors dry, removing the health and safety risks associated with traditional open systems.


  • Integrated solution custom-designed to drop into your line
  • Energy savings of up to 70%
  • Fully enclosed design removes contamination risks
  • Can integrate into all existing control systems
  • Operator-free running and minimal maintenance

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