Reverse Osmosis water filtration system

Reverse osmosis uses a partially permeable membrane to remove undesirable molecules, ions and larger particles from drinking water. It is vital when preparing pharmaceutical water, and compendial water for injections. It is also highly desirable for safe healthcare, cosmetics, and human and animal consumables.

Reverse Osmosis System for Filtering Water

BRAM-COR CROS Reverse Osmosis equipment delivers pharmaceutical water, and compendial water for injections through several water treatment steps. Different processes apply depending on the particular application, the desired level of water purity, and the volumes required by the client.

Hence there are a variety of options for separating out organic substances, high and medium molecular weight ions, bacteria, and pyrogenes causing fevers. Water for pharmaceutical and compendial use passes through thin-film composite reverse osmosis membranes, offering the highest rejection of contaminants.

BRAM-COR CROS reverse osmosis offers two different flows according to the specifications for the pharmaceutical and compendial water. These may be recycled through the system to achieve a higher level of recovery, and reduce the amount of concentrate water wasted.

The processes are automated with online monitoring of critical parameters. The efficient membrane system also has operational advantages in the form of reduced energy demand and hence lower production costs.


  • Complies with cGMP and FDA regulations
  • Highest rejection level of contaminants
  • Produces pharmaceutical water and water for injections
  • Online monitoring of critical parameter
  • GAMP-compliant hardware software automation

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