R&D capsule orientater

A semi-automatic orienter for capsules with an output speed up to 6000 capsules.

Orientate your capsules so that they are ready for filling

The RK-15 capsule filler by Dott. Bonapace  is an R&D capsule orientater which processes 150 capsules per cycle; by repeating the operation also 300 capsules can be processed. In the version of 150 capsules per tray, the RK-15 can work with the filling unit KAP-150 and KAP-300.

Hourly output: up to 4000 capsules in combination with KAP-150, Up to 6000 capsules in combination with KAP-150.


  • Max Output up to 6000 capsules per hour
  • Compatible with both KAP-150 and KAP-300

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