Purification screening kit for large biomolecules

To purify a specific large biomolecule, for example IgM or a virus or virus-like particle, the first step is to screen the working conditions. Different mobile phases and column chemistries are then tested, according to the biochemical properties of that particular large molecule.

Efficiently identify, isolate and recover large biomolecules

The CIMmultus™ Purification Screening Kit from BIA Separations is intended to help scientists quickly discover the optimal stationary phase chemistry for their particular application.

The kit includes two different 1mL CIMmultus™ ion-exchange columns (QA and SO3) and one hydrophobic interaction chemistry column (OH).

By using one of the selected chemistries and applying proper working conditions, the user will be able to discover the combination that will result in appropriate purity and excellent recovery of their required large biomolecule.


  • Prepacked columns, ready for use
  • Screens for a range of large biomolecules
  • Facilitates high speed purification
  • Highly economic process