Production scale jet mill

Large volume manufacturers demand the most out of their production process, including powder milling. However, not all necessary equipment is available in the same capacity range required to meet different production outputs; therefore, the equipment must have a wide range of capacities for greater flexibility while maintaining maximum product yield.

Milling powder products using process gas streams for medium and large industries

The MC DecJet 300/400/500 from Dec, are powder micronization systems for medium and large industries. Each unit has a wide capacity range starting with the DecJet 300 which has a 5 kg to 200 kg/h range, followed by The Decjet 400 with a 10 kg to 400 kg/h range and the DecJet 500 with a 20 kg to 800 kg/h capacity range. The process uses a gas stream inside a chamber where the large powder particles are fed and collide with each other until an acceptable size is obtained by a classifier. The micronized powder can be collected in a cyclone where it is separated from the process gas by a filter. The units feature integrated nozzles to prevent errors during installation, making it easy to assemble. The jet mill is made of high-grade materials such as AISI 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy. The system has an option to use full automation by PLC with batch reporting for added flexibility. The jet mill discharge is also available in top or bottom configurations and a sanitary rotary valve is available for product collection.


  • Wide capacity range per model (DecJet 300: 5kg-200 kg/h, DecJet 400: 10kg-400kg/h, DecJet 500: 20kg-800kg/h)
  • Integrated nozzles to prevent installation errors and leaks during operation
  • Integration of PAT technology, in-line particles size analysis
  • ATEX standard compliant for hazardous area applications
  • Optional full automation by PLC

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