Pressurized superheated steam dryer

Convection dryers are a versatile solution used in various applications, from sawdust to sludge. One of their main advantages is that they provide consistent heating throughout the process. On the other hand, however, convection systems are energyintensive and relatively slow processes.

Reduce drying time and energy consumption with superheated steam drying

The ExergyPSSD applies superheated steam to dry materials at a fast and homogeneous rate. Treated with superheated steam in a low-pressure closed environment, the wet media are quickly dried off.

The elevated temperatures inside the chamber vaporize the moisture in the material and discharge it as excess steam. But this steam is subsequently captured in a cyclone and recirculated into the process, maximizing the energy efficiency of the system.

The solution by Swedish Exergy is ideal for drying porous particles that tend to trap moisture, such as paper pulp and biomass. Rising above its condensation temperature, the steam removes all mobile water and bound molecules caught in the capillaries.

Besides the short process time and energy efficiency, the ExergyPSSD occupies a small footprint compared with other convection drying technology.


  • Heated with flue gas, steam, or thermal oil
  • Precision dryness
  • Large capacities
  • Zero emissions
  • No odors