Powder transfer vessel

Intermediate bulk storage of pharmaceutical product requires specialist containers. For increased efficiency, batch integrity and traceability, a multi-use option becomes advantageous when the product needs blending or mixing. A purpose-designed pharmaceutical IBC that can work seamlessly with other process equipment like blenders, hoists, tippers and more will reduce costs and save time.

Bespoke IBC hopper or drum in-process, storage, or transport solutions

The PalPharmaBin range from Palamatic is a bespoke series of bulk storage, transport, in-process or packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry.

Constructed of 304/316L stainless steel as standard, the PalPharmaBin is available in IBC hopper or drum configurations, and in capacities from 200 to 2,500 litres. They have been designed so that they can be partially or completely discharged and then sorted, re-used or cleaned.

With a special hopper angle to promote mass flow, the IBC versions can be fitted with any type of valve and use silicone gaskets. They have 4-way fork channels and pallet jack guides making them easy to transport.

The PalPharmaBin IBC and drum solutions can work seamlessly with other Palamatic handling solutions and can be easily used as blending vessels when used with the PalPharmaBlend system.

Their dust-tight construction makes them ideal for bulk storage, and their stackable nature ensures that space on site is optimised.


  • Bespoke containers for bulk powders in IBC hopper or drum format
  • 304/316L construction with any type of valve to suit your precise requirements
  • IBC version is stackable and features 4-way fork guides
  • All can be easily integrated with other Palamatic handling systems
  • All can be used as blending vessels with PalPharmaBlend, increasing process efficiency