Potato chips production line

The key to a flavorful and crispy bag of potato chips is the frying temperature. Uniform cooking conditions ensure a consistent taste, bite, and color. But maintaining steady temperatures across the entire frying system can be challenging, particularly when processing snacks at high capacities.

Distribute the frying temperature evenly with multiple oil injection points

The PC frying plant from Kuipers uses multiple oil injection points to deliver even temperature distribution within the system. Manufacturers can manage heat across the width and length of the system to maintain optimum frying conditions throughout the whole process. Distinct oil injection zones facilitate temperature control which needs to be optimal for quality, tasty products.

The fryer is designed for processing all styles of potato-based fried snacks, including chips, sticks, and hard-bite-style crisps. Capacities are offered from 250 kilograms per hour output to 1000 kilograms per hour output.


  • Efficient product transportation
  • Fully controlled temperature zones
  • Starting capacity from 250 kg/h output
  • Suitable for all potato-based fried snacks