Pneumatic conveying for industrial biomass boilers

Modern boiler plants have a wide variety of conveying needs.  While traditional mechanical conveying methods may be well suited for high capacity tasks like biomass fuel stream transport, lower volume and lighter materials such as ash, dust, and small reclaimed fuel particles are often most efficiently transported using pneumatic conveying systems.

A complete pneumatic conveying solution customized for your boiler plant

Raumaster has been working in the wood processing and energy industries in Finland for over 30 years.  The company is a world renowned expert in biomass material handling solutions and has long offered a variety of mechanical conveying systems for the biomass energy conversion industry.  With the addition of the Pneumatic Division, the company can now also offer a cull line of pneumatic conveyance options for your boiler plant.  Pneumatic conveyance often has lower initial costs than mechanical systems and, because it a fully enclosed process, it is dust free, spill proof, and weather proof.  Pneumatic conveyance systems are also known for reliability, simplicity, flexibility, long operating lives, and very low maintenance requirements.  Rausmaster offers systems with capacities up to 100 t/hour.  The company’s engineers specify injection systems, material loading systems, silos, special valves, and pipelines specifically for the needs of your boiler plant.  Automation of the system is achieved either through local control panels or integration into a plant wide system.


  • Optimized for lowest compressed air consumption required for your particular application
  • Fewer moving parts than mechanical conveyance systems
  • Fully customized solution designed for your boiler plant
  • Completely closed transport system means no spills, dust, or vulnerability to weather