Pilot scale jet mill

In a pilot scale level or preliminary study, all the production process steps have to satisfy the small scale production needs. As part of the process, powder milling equipment also needs to be scaled down to match the output of the pilot scale design while maintaining the same efficiency and a wide range of capacity for greater flexibility.

Micronizing powder through a compact and versatile system for small scale production

The MC DecJet 100/150 from Dec, is a powder micronization system designed for pilot scale or small scale production. The system has a capacity range of 50g to 5kg/h for the DecJet 100 model and a 500g to 30kg/h for the DecJet 150 model. The process uses gas streams inside a chamber that help break the large powder particles to an acceptable size through a classifier. The micronized powder will then be collected in a cyclone as the process gas passes through the filter.  The unit is easy to clean and assemble and it is made of high-grade materials such as AISI 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy.


  • Large capacity range (50g-5kg/h for DecJet 100; 500g-30kg/h for DecJet 150)
  • Made of high-grade materials (AISI 316L stainless steel or Hastelloy)
  • Simple assembly of equipment
  • Clean-In-Place and Sterilization-In-Place

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