Pharmaceutical powder mixer

Large batches of powders with different characteristics are commonly mixed in pharmaceutical industries. A closed system with a limited circulation speed could be an ideal solution to achieve a homogeneous mixture of these powders without damaging the particles.

Mixing powders through circulation under inert conditions

The PTS Batchmixer from Dec is a powder mixing system that can handle volumes from 2 to 6000 liters for industrial applications. The system has a main container with an integrated central deflector that ensures the homogeneous distribution of the mixture. It is equipped with a powder transfer system (PTS) with two inlets where the powders circulate within the system. The circulation speed is limited to ensure that the particles are not damaged while mixing. The entire system works under inert conditions to avoid contamination and to be able to handle oxygen-sensitive powders. The unit also enables the operator to vary product volumes from 10% to 100%.


  • Safe mixing of powders High capacity (up to 6000 liters)
  • Inert system allows mixture of oxygen-sensitive powders
  • Adjustable product volume from 10% to 100%
  • Cleans in place (CIP/SIP)

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