Pharmaceutical container lifter

Moving larger or heavier containers from height is out of the scope for standard handling equipment. Where large format containers need to discharge into a vessel from above, or where they need to feed into a packaging line, a bespoke lifting system that is built to robust pharmaceutical standards offers an ideal solution.

Container lifter suitable to handle up to 2000kg loads

The PalPharmaHoist from Palamatic is a custom-built mobile or static solution for lifting large and heavy drums or IBC containers. The height of PalPharmaHoist is ranging from 2m up to 11m.

A large range of container handling options can be fitted, including simple forks, drum cradle, and platforms. Each can have a range of movement options including rotation and slewing.

PalPharmaHoist is hydraulic-free, with the option of pneumatic or electrical actuation and is completely suitable for ATEX environments to Zone 1/21 T4.

Operator control is via two-handed “dead man” operation with the option to specify PLC or EPROM control.

Example application includes discharge of product into a reactor, thus removing the need for a separate platform.


  • Bespoke-designed hoist for heavier loads built to your process needs
  • Strong construction in mild steel through to 316 stainless as required
  • Large range of options including weighing, cradle movement, and FDA seals and gaskets
  • Suitable for use in ATEX environments