Pharmaceutical bottle filling machine

Filling machines for pharmaceutical bottles must achieve high production speeds while maintaining hygienic-sanitary conditions. They should also provide high precision metering while being reliable with low maintenance costs.

Linear Filling Machine for Bottles

BRAM-COR FFIL filling machines for bottles benefit from linear hydraulic circuits that keep them steady while operating. Quality stainless-steel equipment ensures trouble-free operation, long-term reliability, and low maintenance costs.

The bottles feed through a sanitary belt to where a mechanical system positions them under the filling system. Slides bring down the filling nozzles to the mouths of the bottles. The design of the nozzles prevents foam-forming even at high filling speeds. The nozzles lift after filling as separators slide the bottles from the filling station.

Complete bottle lines can be achieved through integration with washing ma­chines, capping and crimping machines, labeling lines, and belt conveyors. Automated flow meters ensure greater than 99% precision. This allows accurate sterilization using pure steam.

BRAM-COR linear filling machines for glass or plastic bottles can accommodate 50ml to 1,000 ml size vessels. The maximum capacity is 12,000 bottles per hour.


  • Fully automated bottle filling
  • Up to 12,000 bottles per hour
  • Handles 50ml to 1,000 ml size bottles
  • No foam even at high speed