Organic soybean feed extruder

Soybeans are an essential ingredient in the creation of protein-rich animal feed. To achieve high-quality feed production, extrusion technology is used to facilitate mechanical and heat treatment of soybean seeds. The use of extruders helps to break apart the inner structure of soybean seeds, which makes it easy to transport nutrition in animals’ digestive system.

Mechanical grinding and heat treatment of soybean feed

The organic soybean feed extruder designed by Farmet is capable of heating up to very high temperatures and extruding oil seeds under great pressure. Soybean seeds are mixed, kneaded and squeezed into uniform shapes of pellets and granules. Short-time exposure to high temperature helps to alter the natural qualities of protein and reduce anti-nutritional substances from soybean seeds, thus enhancing the digestibility of soybean feed for ruminant livestock.

Farmet’s extruder removes bacteria and other unwanted organisms through sterilization and changes the texture of soybean seeds through expansion and gelatinization of starch. Designed with a hydraulically openable basket, the use of this unit will significantly reduce your downtime losses during maintenance as all parts are easily accessible and replaceable.


  • Can process from 80 to 170 tons per day
  • Ability to withstand strong abrasive forces during operation
  • Easy exchange of wearable parts

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