Normal flow filtration sets for bioprocesses

Bio-processors require reliable, high quality, easy to maintain, filtration equipment to ensure efficient processing and high-quality outputs. Selecting the right supporting equipment like filters and tubing eliminates potential variables that can make your upstream or downstream bioprocess unpredictable, and hinder production with high maintenance demand.

Modular filter sets with tubing and connections ready for integration into your bioprocess manifold system

JM BioConnect is known for certified top of industry quality and customer service including very short lead times.  The company offers filter sets that provide conveniently bundled filter housings, high-quality tube, and connectors in one package that is easy to install in your manifold system.  A wide variety of sizes and filter media options are available. The set is configured with the correct hose size and fitting style at the time of order so it is immediately ready for integration into your manifold system upon arrival. These Normal flow filtration sets for bioprocesses will prove to be a valuable acquisition.


  • Sizes available for inlet capacities from 50 L to 1,000 L
  • Several styles of swiveling connectors available for compatibility with your existing system
  • Convenience and efficiency are gained by using a pre-assembled filter sets rather than working with individual tube and hose components