Moulding machine for pizza

A pizza molding machine must be able to size and shape doughs suitable for pizzas and pitas. It should also shape flatbreads, including unleavened ones, to customer requirements to extend its usefulness. A professional molding machine for pizza and other flat products should offer a wide range of thicknesses to meet various customer requirements.

A pizza moulding machine with versatile options

The Trivi FLT molding machine for pizzas has stress-free sheeting systems to produce very thin dough sheets for high-quality products. This raw dough can be as thin as 1.5 millimeters before baking.  It also can produce quality round and square pita bread, with or without pockets for fillings.

The machine also makes a range of Eastern flatbreads, the popularity of which is growing worldwide. These include Lebanese bread, Israeli murrs, Turkish yufka, and so on.  This molding machine for flat products has a belt proofer accommodating cut products and continuous sheets and adapts easily to high moisture dough.


  • A highly versatile molding machine for pizzas, pitas, flatbreads, etc.
  • Rolls pizza dough as thin as 1.5 mm using special stress-free technology
  • Belt proofer for either continuous sheet or cut sections included
  • Quick and easy setting for adjusting for different flat dough products