Modular assembly line for healthcare products

Assembly setups need to be constantly rethought and reconfigured to adapt quickly to changing market demands. Traditional lines are slow to meet these needs all the way from lab-scale prototying, through initial market launch, to full comercialization.

Set up an adaptable platform that adjusts to your manufacturing conditions

The Lambert Diablo platform by Mpac is a flexible assembly ecosystem configured around your particular product. Custom-built according to the design specifications of the parts, the system caters to all manufacturing volumes – from the development stage to high quantities.

The platform construction is mounted in standardized elements, such as process modules and pneumatic layouts, which makes the solutions faster to build. Moreover, this layout supports fast scaling depending on your future assembly requirements.

The Lambert Diablo promotes high productivity with world-class scores in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed modules are built for easy operation and durability and come fully supported by the Mpac Cube service portfolio driving imrpovements in connectivity, productivity and sustainability.


  • Reduced lead times
  • Scalable solution
  • Reduced project risk
  • World class OEE
  • Remote support and diagnosis