Mobile drum lifter

The production of pharmaceuticals and other hygienic products often requires the handling of large and bulky containers such as drums, barrels and other vessels. A standard hydraulic handling solution is not compatible with the stringent hygiene requirements of these specialist processes, and the costs involved in converting such systems are high. A bespoke, cGMP-designed solution tailored to your exact requirements will enable you to efficiently and safely handle a range of products and container types.

Handling systems specifically designed for hygienic use

The PalPharmaMove range from Palamatic is a set of manual, pneumatic or electrically driven cGMP handling systems designed for movement of drums, barrels, boxes, IBCs, and other containers between process areas.

Based on the principles behind the highly successful PalPharmaHoist and PalPharmaTip series, the PalPharmaMove uses hydraulic-free actuation and is offered with a wide range of options including FDA approved seals and gaskets and a range of platforms, forks and cradles.

The PalPharmaMove K9 is a drum truck with full powered drive that’s capable of gripping and inverting, making it perfect for both transport and unloading duties. With a two drive controller and battery pack, the PalPharmaMove is a true mobile solution. The base unit has a wheel-in-motor traction drive with rudder steering assembly and forward/reverse finger rocker switch. It has a 1900mm mast which gives a high mast giving 1200mm stroke and a 250kg carrying capacity.

The PalPharmaMove M7 is a manual push trolley variant with actuated telescopic mast offering up to 3200mm of stroke. Operation can be electric or pneumatic, and the M7 is capable of carrying up to 275kg. In pneumatic format, the M7 is approved for ATEX environments.

The PalPharmaMove drum trolley variants are also available in either fixed mast or manual raise and lower formats for the efficient transport of drums, containers, bottles, boxes and sacks between process areas. Again, a wide variety of end effectors is available, making it an ideal solution for simple transport, docking and lifting tasks. ATEX versions are also available.


  • Wide range of end-effector options tailored to your exact needs
  • Non-hydraulic operation with choice of electric, pneumatic or manual actuation
  • Construction from 304 stainless for durability and ease of cleaning
  • All available in ATEX variants, as well as cGMP versions for hygienic use
  • Highly configurable range of telescopic, fixed, powered and manual transport solutions

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