Mobile air knife dryer for tanks

Sanitizing and cleaning of large vessels such as storage tanks or blenders is a vital stage in the manufacturing of many food and pharmaceutical products. But drying these can be time-consuming, slowing down production and reducing your efficiency. A purpose-designed and energy-efficient portable tank and container drying system will improve your line efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Portable system for drying large blenders or containers

The MDS700 from Jetair Technologies is a portable drying system designed for multi-purpose use. As well as the rapid drying of tanks and blenders it can be used for hotspot drying and handheld drying or debris removal.

The MDS700 uses extremely efficient direct drive centrifugal blowers to provide a powerful, clean airstream that can be funneled directly into the vessel to be dried. It allows for quick reuse and eliminates the need for alcohol wipe downs.

When tested with tanks of 10,500l capacity, the MDS700 can dry them thoroughly in 30 minutes or less. For vessels of 200l to 1,700l the time taken was between 5 and 15 minutes.

An additional benefit of the MDS700 mobile system is that once fitted to the tank or blender using the manway cover the unit requires no further operator input until drying is complete. This means a single operator can dry multiple vessels at once if needed by setting up multiple MDS700 units.

Ease of use was paramount for a portable system, and the “set and forget” operation is complemented with simple touchscreen controls for on/off, blower speed, and timer. The unit has robust castering wheels allowing it to be moved anywhere quickly and safely.


  • Vessels are dry and ready for reuse within minutes
  • Set and forget operation minimises personnel input
  • Portable and multi-purpose, use on walls, floors, and more
  • Uses energy-efficient blowers for reduced running costs
  • Removes the need for alcohol wipedown