Metal detector for pharmaceutical powders

Powdered and granulated pharmaceuticals require careful screening against metal contamination. Traditional systems operate at slow throughput rates in order to achieve acceptable detection rates and reject contaminants. A modern, purpose-designed detection solution for high volume production will increase throughput and reliability, thanks to innovative automatic rejection systems.

High-sensitivity metal detection machine for powders and granules

The THS/PH21 series from Ceia is a highly sensitive metal detection system purpose-built for detecting and rejecting all metal contamination from powders or granulated products.

In order to maximise line efficiency, the THS/PH21 has a unique ejection system fitted with an innovative deflector. This provides a quick response with the precise ejection of the contaminated product while maintaining a high production flow rate.

Purpose-designed for the most demanding and difficult production environments, the units are fully shielded against electromagnetic interference. This ensures an extremely sensitive detection system capable of finding all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metal contamination.

The firmware embedded into the THS/PH21 is fully FDA compliant. Data security, incident logging, and full traceability are ensured. Additional ethernet connectivity is available to allow for remote management and logging of operation, as well as centralised data capture.

A wide range of options includes an anti-static infeed chute to eliminate the build-up of electrostatic charge during the transport of powders and granules through the machine.


  • Purpose-designed for detection of metal contaminants in powders and granules
  • High product throughput speeds thanks to a rapid rejection system
  • Full FDA compliance provides total traceability
  • Extremely sensitive - detects all ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel contaminants
  • Easy to use and operate, with programmable quick access functions